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The Great Wild is a social network only for hunters where we share our joy, knowledge and experiences.

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Gather everything about your hunting life in one place! Includes stats, gallery of hunting images and much more.

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The Great Wild has made it much simpler for us to find participants to our hunting arrangements when we need it. Their service is fast, simple and efficient. It just works. From now on we will only use The Great Wild to sell hunts!
— Marcus, hunting team leader and pleased user
We got interested in The Great Wild and tried inviting a few guests to our hunts - after that it just took off. We’re a small hunting team and for us it’s both fun to have new hunters join, while filling up all the stands and making some extra money for the club. We’ve used this app for all our hunts this fall and will continue next season.
— Robin, hunting team leader


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The Great Wild strives to preserve the world's wildlife through sustainable hunting. 

Our platform makes the wild more accessible to hunters, whether it is by planning the weekend's hunt with friends, try something new or finding the adventure of a lifetime.

More hunters and more money in the wild means improved wildlife management. It gives land owners more resources to take care of the wild, leading to better hunting - today and tomorrow.


We are all part of the wild, just as the wild is part of us.

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Learn about our mission, our values and why we believe sustainable hunting is the most efficient tool for wildlife conservation.

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