The Great Wild was created to contribute to the wild nature and wildlife survive for coming generations. We want to stop the eradication of wild species, and we want to protect the parts of the world with a sensitive flora and fauna.

The Great Wild is changing the way we approach hunting and wildlife management in the entire world.
— Robert Nathanson, CEO

Although poaching may be the most known problem with regards to the extinction of species, only a limited amount of species suffer from this threat.

Industrialized farming, forestry and livestock farming is constantly expanding, creating monocultures in its wake, risking to destroy the natural habitats of the wildlife. The wildlife becomes a potential destroyer of crops, a competitor for grazing land or a threat to livestock.

Hunters are a group that have a realistic opportunity to counter-weigh the economic interests of this expansion. They spend more time in the wild than any other group, and are willing to pay more for the wildlife to be preserved.

Their passion creates economic incentives for farmers and landowners to take the wildlife into account when utilising the land. Examples of how wildlife populations have collapsed completely when shutting out hunters are numerous, but Kenya is perhaps the most famous example, losing more than 70% of its wildlife since the hunting ban in 1977. 

At The Great Wild, hunting is an integral part of our DNA.

As a species, we were hunters before we were 'human'. The first successful hunt has been a rite of passage in many cultures throughout history. Hunting is no longer a necessity to provide for family or community, it is a way to connect with our heritage - to understand who we are so that we may embrace the changes modern civilisation demands.

Hunters understand that they are not visitors in the wild, they are part of it, and the wild is part of them. When they hunt, they do so with ethics and respect, and they leave the wild better than they found it. 

We are a movement of people sharing the passion for hunting and the great wild. We are proud to be hunters and we help each other experience more of nature. We encourage more people to take part as long as they share our values of sustainable and ethical hunting. 

Join us! The Great Wild